Are you aware of the benefits of hiring an Apprentice?

Some employers aren’t aware of the incredible benefits that hiring Apprentices can have for their setting.

For example, a recent survey in Wales discovered that apprenticeship finishers boosted productivity within their employer’s business by an average of £214 per week!

So what other benefits can employing an Apprentice have?

Benefits of hiring Apprentices

The benefits for your business are immediate:

  • Employing an apprentice can save your business considerable sums of money
  • You have a direct role in shaping your employees education to match the needs of your business
  • With BNG, all our high quality training comes at business friendly rates, so that you don’t bear any unnecessary financial strain

At BNG, we offer comprehensive training for your Apprentices, so that they get the thorough legal and theoretical knowledge that’s necessary, whilst still putting in the hours where it really counts: in the workplace.

Helping a Modern Apprentice out in their career can also help your setting.

More good reasons for an apprentice to join your business

Maybe the Department of Education should take over from here, to help explain the full benefits employers receive hiring Modern Apprenticeships!

Findings from a comprehensive survey of over 4000 employers by the Department of Education revealed something insightful; that nearly 90% of employers said that apprentices had brought significant improvements to their businesses.

9 out of every 10 businesses benefited in some way from hiring apprentices!

And here are a sample of other revealing results from the survey:

  • Productivity was improved in workplaces, with 89% of employers saying their goal was realised
  • Staff morale was improved (91%)
  • Product/service quality was significantly improved (86%)
  • Future skills were improved/maintained (89%)

Modern Apprentices help to boost productivity for your business.

Funding for Apprentices

If your Apprentice is 16-18 years old at the start of their apprenticeship, the training costs may be covered by the government.

This mean that you have full power to guide your employees’ on-site training to match your setting’s needs, as BNG provides our trademark high quality online development.

And all whilst saving your business considerable sums!

If you’re interested in the benefits of hiring an Apprentice, contact us today!