Become an Apprentice with BNG Training

If you are 16+ and looking to earn while you learn, have you considered becoming a apprentice?

Apprentices work in their local area and gain experience from their day to day jobs.

And BNG gives you the best assessment and guidance from our high quality tutors, whichever sector you choose to work in.

What are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship with BNG?

  • You won’t need any previous experience to get started
  • You’ll get paid for your work from the beginning
  • There are no classes to attend
  • Gaining experience in the workplace, instead of in class
  • You’ll train beside experienced staff, to help make you great at your job
  • Learning skills which make you more employable
  • Ultimately, you gain a nationally recognised qualification!

When you get in contact with BNG, our expert recruitment team will search your local area for the best possible employer for you.

Our team makes sure to give you the best possible advice, so that you make a mark with potential employers and stand out in interviews.

How does BNG help Apprentices in work?

After you begin work at your new job, we’ll sign you up to your apprenticeship course. You will be given a personal tutor who will be your contact and help guide you through the entire course.

When your dedication and effort pays off at the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll receive a nationally recognised qualification for your sector!

From here, BNG can help train you up to become even more skilled. You’ll be ready for a positive, successful future with your exciting new career!

For more information on how BNG can help you become an Apprentice, contact us here.