Building the Ambition - An Introduction

Creating high quality environments for children to learn in allows them to flourish. This course shows you how to encourage children to accomplish more in your setting, whilst you gain a greater understanding of industry terminology and best practices.

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This course has been designed to support and encourage practitioners to deliver high quality early learning. Practitioners will understand how to create excellent learning environments that allow children and young people to flourish.

Devised for all Early Year practitioners in light of the Scottish Government’s new National Practice Guidance on Early Learning and Childcare: Building the Ambition, this national practice guidance sets the context for high quality ELCC throughout Scotland.

In this course, you will gain an understanding of why the document was created and will assess the new terminology and practices detailed in it. Together, we’ll ensure that we do our part to make Scotland the best place for children to grow up.


  • To provide information on why the document exists
  • To give you an understanding of the new terminology within the document
  • To give you an understanding of what play and learning is
  • To provide information on attachment
  • To give you an understanding of what quality is

Learning Objectives:

Ultimately, you will gain an understanding of why the new guidelines were created and how they should be used within your setting. You’ll understand the reasoning behind the new terminology, as well as the impact it has on your setting, understand what attachment is and how it impacts on your practice. We’ll develop your understanding of play and learning and how you as a practitioner impact this.

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max 20 persons
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