HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills)

Understanding what questions to ask children helps stimulate their mental development. This course gives you an understanding of how we learn, retain information and then use that knowledge. With your help, the children in your care will develop in their own ideal manner.

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Understanding Higher Order Thinking Skills is crucial for helping young minds develop healthily. Knowing what questions to ask children, and when, can mean the world to their mental health.

Learners will review Bloom’s Taxonomy to see how it is used to process information. They will gain an understanding of how we process information, retain it and then utilise it. Learning styles will be explained in detail.


  • To understand what Higher Order Thinking Skills are
  • To gain an understanding of how we learn
  • To gain a knowledge of what effective questioning is

Learning Objectives

Delegates will understand Higher Order Thinking Skills and be able to use the skills gained to develop their questioning of children. They will understand Bloom’s Taxonomy and how this can be used within your setting to develop children thinking skills.

Ultimately, they will understand and be able to explain learning styles and use these to help the individual children around you to learn and develop in their preferred manner.

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Max 20 persons
(ex VAT)
Duration 3 hours

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