Moving and Handling

Avoiding injuries doesn't just require common sense; knowing proper procedure and handling methods is crucial. This course enables all Early Years staff to feel confident about staying healthy and injury-free at work.

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We never think about the risks when we pick up that fateful box of books. But injuries don’t have to be inevitable when lifting and handling objects at work. 

This course has been devised to help Early Years staff assess risk, lift and handle effectively and prevent injury in the workplace (as well as at home!). A full range of practical techniques will be demonstrated and learnt.

By the end of the session, learners will be able to demonstrate the practical methods required to perform moving and handling operations safely. They will also have an understanding of the appropriate legislation and requirements that both employee and employer should meet.


  • The reasons for safe moving and  handling
  • Legislation relating to moving and handling
  • Moving and handling risk assessments and how they contribute to health and safety
  • The principles, types of equipment and testing requirements associated with moving and handling safety
  • Apply safe moving and handling principles

Learning Objectives

Delegates attending this course will gain a better understanding of the importance of safe moving and handling when carrying out specific day to day tasks within their working environment.

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Max 20 persons
(ex VAT)
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